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How to Choose a 100% Commission Online California Real Estate Broker

At first glance most " one hundred percent " flat fee virtual online brokerages " all seem the same.

You hang your license with them and pay only a small flat fee per transaction. But let's look a little deeper and see how much some 100% commission brokers actually charge and how they structure their commission splits.

On the surface some real estate companies appear as if they are a 100% commission fee structure, but a few more clicks into their website and somwhere in the 8 point font you will see what they're hiding. Like the wise man said; "What the large print gives you, the small print takes away !" And that philosophy definitely applies in this situation. If the fee that a real estate company charges isn't up front for all the world to see and they require you to "contact us" to get more information, it's probably a safe bet they're hiding something and it's not a true 100% commission / flat fee broker.

When looking to join a 100% commission brokerage, make sure you as an agent have in writing from the broker the exact commission you will be getting or per transaction fee you need to pay (including insurance), and not just go by what is stated on their website. Good luck and welcome to the world of the flat fee real estate business.

Ronny Santana - Broker / Owner


California's Premier 100% Commission Brokerage

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