• Are there any monthly, annual, or start-up fees ? 

   NO, there are no fees.


• Are there any required meetings ?

   NO, there are no required meetings.


• Are there any sales minimumss ?

   NO, there are no sales minimums.


• Does my current broker need to release my real estate license before transferring it to CURB ?

   Yes. Please fill out the Real Estate Change Application form and send to the previous broker and then to:   

   CURB -

• When can I get direct phone support ?

   You can reach us on the phone from 9am to 5pm.

• Can I use my own Transaction Coordinator ?

   YES, our TC's are awesome, but you may use any Transaction Coordinator you like.


Is CURB a member of GR (Georgia Association of Realtors) & NAR (National Association of Realtors) ?

   YES, we are members of both GR & NAR

• Do I need to join GR & NAR ?

   CURB does not require you to join. Please contact your local board for their requirements.

• Do I need to join a local real estate board ?

   If you require access to transaction forms or lockboxes you will need to join a board.

• Do I need to be a member the MLS ?

   If you want access to listings and list properties on the MLS then your local MLS will require you to join.  


• Can I do commercial transactions ?

   YES, we allow our agents to conduct commercial transactions as well. 

• Can I do leases with CURB ?

   YES. CURB agents are able to do lease transactions. 


• Can I sell business opportunities with CURB ?

   YES, CURB members can sell businesses.

• How do I get paid ?

   When using CURB's in house escrow service, you get paid directly to your bank account the same day your    

   transaction closes.


• Can I just hang my license with CURB and not join the board ?

   YES. CURB offers our members an exclusive Real Estate License Park program. This program allows our  

    members to avoid all the GR, NAR and local board membership fees and still get paid for transactions! 

    $29 monthly fee.


• Can new agents join ?

   YES, new agents are welcome.


• Is there any agent training available ?

   YES. We offer direct one-on-one training with our agents covering all aspects of your real estate business; 

    Marketing, Open Houses, Contracts, Social Media, Websites, SEO, ..and more !  All at no cost to CURB

    members. What can be better than having your company's own personal trainer ?


• Do you offer a Recruiting Bonus program ?

   YES. Receive $100 for every agent you invite to join CURB.  Just invite 7 agents a year to join puts a cool $700     in your pocket just for helping them keep their money! ..Not a bad gig !


• Can I do transactions anywhere in Georgia ?

   YES, our Real Estate Commission Flat Fee Brokerage is available to any licensed Georgia real estate agent 

    anywhere in Georgia.


• I'm in the middle of a transaction, can I transfer it ?

   YES, just have your current broker & seller sign a Listing Transfer.  Contact your local MLS / Board for a    

    "Listing Transfer Form". 


• Can I list properties for less than 6% ?

   YES, you can charge any commission rate you like.


• Can I sign all my transaction forms on my phone ?

   YES, CURB members have the ability to sign all their transaction forms on their phone from anywhere in the 


• Does CURB offer commission advances ?

   YES, CURB Commission Cash allows our members to get cash advances on their pending transactions.

• Does CURB have a consumer website ?


• Do I really keep all my commission ?

   YES, you really keep all your commission.



How 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage Works?