When licensed in the state of Georgia, real estate agents have 3 license status choices:

1) Place your license with the GREC as inactive.

(When your license is inactive you cannot practice real estate or collect referral fees)

2) Join a local board and pay GAR, NAR, and Local Board association fees.

3) Park your Real Estate License - which enables you to avoid paying GAR, NAR, and Local Board association fees and still remain active.

As a CURB member you have access to our exclusive "Real Estate License Parking” program. The License Parking Program enables you to avoid paying all the expensive:

• Local Board fees 

• MLS fees

• GAR (California Association of Realtors) fees

• NAR (National Association of Realtors) fees

parking 4.jpg

The License Parking program is perfect for agents who;

• Do referrals

• Do commercial transactions

• Process a few transactions a year

• Want to maintain an active license status

While your license is parked, you are still considered a fully active agent. The only thing an agent cannot do with a parked license is join a board or MLS.

To take advantage of the License Parking program, just click the Subscribe button below. Only $29 monthly fee. Do not worry about the GAR & NAR association paperwork, we will process all that for you as well. 

Georgia Department of Real Estate requires ALL transactions be reported to the broker, which also   include: lease transactions, personal real estate transactions as well as referral transactions. 

If a closed transaction is not reported to the brokerage within 3 (three) business days of close of escrow, there is a $15,000 fine per unreported transaction as well as the requirement by the GREC to report said agent to state enforcement, which may result in the loss of the agent's license and/or additional fines and disciplinary action. This GREC rule also applies to "parked licenses".