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Fill out the CURB Membership Application below.
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100% Commission Real Estate Brokers California

• Go to the Georgia Real Estate website to transfer your license to CURB: License Transfer Form

• After your previous broker signs the form please send to us for signature to: 
   and we will send back to you in order for you to submit to GREC,
• When GREC notifies you your license transfer has been completed, please forward that email to us: so we can complete your membership application to CURB.
• When we receive your GREC license transfer confirmation email, we will send you a welcome email
   within 24 hours letting you know your CURB membership application is complete. The welcome email has
   all the necessary information to begin your your new career with CURB as well as access information to 
   the Tools page with all sorts of helpful goodies to run your business.
   If you have not received the CURB welcome email within 24 hours please call us and let us know.
Thank you for joining CURB Realty !
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