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How did online brokers changed the lives of real estate agents

The real estate business has changed to a great extent over time. Traditionally there used to be a group of people who were known as real estate agents. The main job of these agents was to look for buyers and sellers who are willing to either buy a property or sell a property. But even after doing their jobs nicely, they could hardly see any profits. The reason was brokerage. There were a set of people who were known as brokers. These brokers gave licenses to real estate agents to do their business. And, this license cost them quite a bit.

Why couldn't real estate agents earn profits?

There were multiple reasons why real estate agents couldn't earn profits. Some of these reasons are listed below-

High Competition

When it came to doing business, real estate agents faced a tough time because clients were more minor than agents. Every agent offered their price, and clients who were either buying or selling the house had the privilege to choose between which agents they would work with. So the completion was on a higher level.

Real estate prices were dropping.

Times were tough. The overall real estate prices were going down, so it became tough for real estate agents to quote their prices. They hardly earned any commissions from the sales and purchases.

High Brokerage

The biggest problem was the brokerage. The real estate agents owed a hefty amount to the brokers because they were the ones who permitted them to do business. Brokerage is a commission paid to the brokers for providing the agents with the license to do business. In most cases, the brokerage was a lump-sum amount that the brokers earned from the sale or purchase of an establishment. Unfortunately, the percentage of the brokerage was 15% to 50% of the profit earned by the real estate agent. This means nearly half the commission that the brokers siphoned the agent made in the sale. The agents were left holding peanuts.

Therefore, we can say that people who worked as agents in a real estate business could hardly see any profits until the internet came into existence. The real estate business went through a boom when people were introduced to the digital world.

Ways in which Online Real Estate Brokers benefitted real estate agents

With the advancement of technology, online brokers evolved. They proved to be a blessing for real estate agents.

  • Companies like CURB reality came into existence that started working on an online 100% Commission real estate brokerage model; in simple terms, agents in CURB provided brokerage to agents at a nominal charge.

  • Agents were allowed to keep their commissions to themselves. The best thing about them was that they did not siphon the commission the agents earned in the brokerage's name.

  • Since the entire process is done online, there is 100% transparency between the agent and the broker. This means whatever the agent wants to learn is available on the internet either at a nominal charge or free of cost.

  • Online 100% commission real estate brokerage allows agents to keep the maximum profits.

  • CURB charges a nominal fee for every transaction, a fixed charge, and is set just once.

Why do people prefer taking our services over others?

There are multiple reasons why the real estate industry has suddenly had a boom in these recent years.

Firstly, most people who merely occupied chairs and siphoned a significant portion of the commission earned by the real estate agents are now replaced by machines. Curb has stepped forward with online 100% Commission real estate brokerage for their agents and the same services that the real estate companies previously offered.

Secondly, this brokerage firm provides adequate training to the agents.

Thirdly, agents are provided with all the support they need to close a sale from the brokerage firm and the transaction coordination so that there is no miscommunication and in-house support.

Most Importantly, for all these services offered by the brokers, there is 100% commission real estate brokerage. This means all the commission that the real estate agents have earned comes back to you.


To summarize, it can be said that if you have been looking for a brokerage firm to give you the license of doing business in real estate, then CURB is by far the best organization to deal with. The reasons behind its success are they employ real estate agents and let them keep their commissions. They provide one-on-one training to the agents before they step into the business world. They work online and follow paper more minor transactions, and they also have referral and recruiting programs to encourage more and more real estate agents to join them. The direct broker access serves them the hassles of finding a good reliable broker and also increases the overall profit margins of the real estate agent. If you too wish to do business under 100% commission real estate brokerage, we recommend joining hands with CURB.

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