Need some moola before your escrow closes ?  Not a problem, CURB Commission Cash has got you covered !  Simply email us and give us the amount requested and the close of escrow date for your current transaction, and we will begin processing your CURB Commission Cash advance right away.  ..Simple as that.

* Advances are case dependent.


• What is the fee ?

  CURB's Commission Cash advance fee is only 12%.  (Compared to

  ecommission's 14.4% fee)

• What are the requirements ?

  Any transaction currently in escrow closing within 60 days.

• What is the maximum advance I can get ?

   Each case is different. Please contact us regarding your transaction.

• What percentage of my commission I can get advanced ?

   Up to 100% of your incoming commission.

• What if the transaction doesn't close ?

   If your sale does not close the fee will be carried over to your next sale.

• How do I get my money ?

   Your advance is wired directly into your bank account.

• How long does it take to get my money ?

   As soon as the forms are signed the funds are wired into your bank the same day.